Integrate you application with FreeBitcoinLottery

Have a website? Want to partner with the free Bitcoin lottery, raffle, sweepstakes, lotto?

What is API?

Basically our API allow your users to get free tickets from us. No, they do not need to visit our site or do any extra steps. All they need to do is to provide their Bitcoin address.

How dose it work?

Whenever your users claim from your faucet or do something on your website and then you call the API, the user will receive a free ticket toward our lottery game. You do not have any disavantages because the API do not annoy your users or whatsoever. The only thing I ask for return is a link-back to my site. The link-back does not need to be visible unless the user receive a ticket.

I'm interested! What do I need to do?

Thank you for your interest. Firstly, you will need to email me ([email protected]) for siteKey. Only with siteKey, you will then be allowed to use the API. API detail is below. Check it out. If you encouter any problem or need help integrating, you can contact me via email.

API detail

The API location is located at
The API only accept two parameters and that is sitekey and address.


sitekey: Your site key to work with the API. Do not disclose this to other people. Contact me to get one.
address: The Bitcoin address you want it to receive a free ticket.

The API will return "success" no matter what happen (unless the server is down). The API will also return "ticketnumber" if the Bitcoin address received a ticket.

success: return from 001 to 009. 001 to 008 represent 'fail' - no ticket number received. 009 represent success - ticket number received.
ticketnumber: the ticket number received.

Every API key have a 300 seconds cooldown until another tickets can be received. You can discuss with me if you wish to lower the timer - only for large and popular faucets.