FAQs on FreeBitcoinLottery.xyz

Know everything you should know about this free Bitcoin lottery, raffle, sweepstakes, lotto site.

Questions and answers

What's FreeBitcoinLottery.xyz?

FreeBitcoinLottery.xyz is a lottery based revenues sharing site. We share up to 90% of our revenues to our users. We are very transparent for example we uses a provably fair method to select the winning tickets.

How many winning tickets will there be? And how will the revenues be shared?

There's will only three winning tickets each round. One winning ticket entitle the ticket owner to receive 20% of the total revenues for the round they participated in. A total of 60% (of the current pot + previous pot 30%) will be given out to our users. Another 30% (from the current pot) will be transferred to the next round pot. The leftover 10% will be absorbed by the owner for running the lottery.
FreeBitcoinLottery.xyz official wallet address is 16YhFXjpQhpbGRzhntJhFJaB36gY3bnm7Q

How do we determine the winning tickets?

Winning numbers will be chosen using the last nine number of block transaction ID. For example block #361412, https://blockchain.info/block/000000000000000004e0e238d4c49f28c372311b008088537f9e9a93dd223a27. The last nine digits will be 999322327 (not 723223999).
Block # will be announced before it is available to public at various online community such as Bitcointalk and TheBot.
Second and thirdwinning number will be determined by first nine number of the md5ed block ID.
Winning ticket #2: md5(000000000000000004e0e238d4c49f28c372311b008088537f9e9a93dd223a27) = 3b6c0c10096db8b6fb0479d0ae44a7cd = 361009686
Winning ticket #3: md5(3b6c0c10096db8b6fb0479d0ae44a7cd) = e8c683e5124cf293e3b541557f465bfe = 868351242

What if there is less than nine number in the transaction hashes?

It is almost impossible to happen. If this happen, we will MD5 the hashed hash. And the hashed hash will be used instead. If the problem (not enough digits) still persist, we will MD5 the hash of the MD5ed hash again and again ... until we have one hash with at least nine numbers.

When will a round end?

A round will last for roughly five weeks. Usually Friday will be the drawing day and result will be posted the next day.

How many tickets will there be?

There will be a maximum of 999,999,999 tickets each round.

How do the referral system work?

Unlike other sites, we are a lotto site. Every time your referral redeemed a ticket, you stand ~25% chance to get a free tickets. Claim a ticket to know your referral address. :).